Which and how many cars of your fleet
can be switched from GASOLINE to ELECTRIC

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Scientific Approach

It is a big responsibility to define the shape of your next eFleet, that's why Fleetmatica uses a scientific approach:
We monitor all (e)factors that really matter

  • Real Mobility

    Fleetmatica monitors and analyzes the real journeys of each vehicle. No estimate or average.

  • Driving Style

    Driver Behaviour can influence the efficiency of all vehicles: on electric cars, it can reduce the autonomy by up to 24%.

  • Weight

    Carried weight (people or equipment)
    can reduce the autonomy by up to 20%.

  • Route Optimization

    Inefficient routes (not optimized by navigation systems) can have a significant impact on the autonomy.

  • Topography

    Autonomy is influenced by the type of the road. Driving uphill reduce the perfomance of your eFleet by up to 60%.

  • Weather

    The impact of weather conditions on your next eFleet can be weighty if not calculated properly.

Fleet Analysis

We study the mobility needs of your company to design a more efficient efleet!

Through the Fleet Analysis Fleetmatica monitors and analyzes in detail the "behavior" of your current fleet to identify the ideal configuration (totally electric or mixed thermal-electric) and the most suitable electric vehicles.


Thanks to the Fleet Analysis you can:

  • Size your fleet correctly
  • Understand and solve your mobility inefficiencies
  • Have the scientific indication of replaceable trips and vehicles
  • Know the potential fuel and CO2 savings in case of replacement
  • Size and allocate charging infrastructure correctly between your locations

eFleet Manager

We assign to each trip the most suitable vehicle for the optimal management of your fleet!

With the eFleet Manager platform, your employees can easily book their business trips and always use the most efficient vehicle (electric or thermal) depending on the calculations of our algorithms.


Thanks to the eFleet Manager you can:

  • be sure of maximizing the savings and efficiencies of the introduction of electric vehicles
  • know the cost of each travel trip and compare alternative vehicles
  • use routes optimized for electric travels
  • integrate the Fleetmatica platform with any fleet management solution in use

Simplicity and uniqueness

We provide extraordinary and simple features to offer a really unique solution in the automotive market.

  • Full control

    With our prebuilt dashboard and selected KPIs, Fleetmatica highlights critical areas that need your attention.

  • Full reporting

    Fleetmatica helps you keep track of your efleet behaviour through complete and easy to read reports.

  • Easy to activate

    With our plug and play hardware, you can connect your cars in few minutes.

  • API and OpenData

    Through our API, Fleetmatica can be connected with your ERP and/or external database.

  • Worldwide Solution

    You can use Fleetmatica solutions everywhere.

  • Responsive Design

    Fleetmatica works on your desktop, your tablet as well as your smartphone.

Fleetmatica has already studied the (e)factor of more than 8000 vehicles!

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